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Founded in 2015, RHINOZYME BIOTECHNOLOGY is located in the Bio-Nano Science and Technology Park of Suzhou Industrial Park, focusing on the development of bio-pharmaceutical research and development reagents. The goal is to become the most professional bio-pharmaceutical research and development reagent service provider in China. Business. Provide the first domestic new drug research and development management integrated software biomedical research and development laboratory information management system, inspirational to accelerate the domestic biomedical R & D management standardization process.

Why Choose Us

The company has a research and development laboratory and production base of 1000m2. The core R&D team and management team have more than 20 years of experience in the biomedical field. They are familiar with biopharmaceutical industry regulations at home and abroad, and have a deep understanding of customer needs, application scenarios and technical standards for biomedical R&D, evaluation and analysis of complementary products. We hope that through our understanding of the industry, the technology we have mastered and the products we have developed, we will contribute to the development of China's biomedical industry and reduce the time cost and human and material cost of the enterprise.

The company not only has a group of well-trained market personnel, but also has a well-trained technical support team to provide technical advice and after-sales service.

The company's long-term goal is to gradually become the leader of biopharmaceutical research and development supporting reagents; "to do first-class scientific research, to build a first-class brand", we are committed to solving the necessary reagents for biomedical processes, biomedical evaluation reagents, etc.